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Crafted to Satisfy the Queens of Nature's Kingdom...

Unbridle your inner animal with PinkKitty Liqueur®. Made with a sensual blend of peach, pomegranate, and "Special Herbs". (Avena Sativa, Damiana and Maca)


PinkKitty® is a seductive blend of Ultra-Premium Vodka and Pomegranate mingling with Peach and an exotic blend of herbs. Created by Robert J. Tushinsky and some of the top herbalists from around the globe, PinkKitty's exotic design is not only intended to deliver amazing taste, but adds Intimacy to the drinking experience. PinkKitty® is also highly mixable, lending itself to a variety of tempting coctail creations. At 35 Percent
Alcohol by Volume, PinkKitty® is perfect by itself or ready to be mixed with your favorite mixer to get the kitty to Purr!

PinkKitty® is also the first liqueur to use a blend of herbs known around the world for their tantalizing experience. Exotic Herbs like Maca, Avena Sativa and Domiana brings a deliciousness and arousal that can't be found in any other spirit. Most of all PinkKitty® is about bringing couples together to have an amazing time. When PinkKitty® is involved the possibilities of seduction are endless! (35% Alc/Vol.,70 proof)

Best served chilled by itself or with your favorite mixer! Please Enjoy Responsibly!
Please Indulge Responsibly Ladies!


THE SNOW LEOPARD- 1.5 oz. PinkKitty Liqueur®
- 4 oz. grapefruit
- 4 oz. Soda/Sparkling Water
- 1 oz. fresh Lime juice
THE LIONESS- 1.5 oz. PinkKitty Liqueur®
- 5 oz. Premium Champagne
THE TIGRESS- 1.5 oz. PinkKitty Liqueur®
- 5 oz. Red Bull
THE KITTY RITA- 1.5 oz. PinkKitty Liqueur®
- 5 oz. Margarita

Some of the Herbs & Fruit Found In PinkKitty Liqueur®...


This root is native to the central highlands of Peru and was cultivated on ancient terraces by indigenous people about 2,000 years ago. Roasted and eaten as a delicacy, this herb was also used for barter and gifts due to its high demand. The plant gives off a fragrant aroma and produces off-white flowers which bear fruit containing its seed.


This well-known plant was cultivated as an herb for use in steamy bathhouses, as far back as 2,000 BC in Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula. For ancient Greeks and Romans, hot herb baths were not only for personal cleanliness, but a means of relaxation and was a way of life.


Native to Mexico, this wild shrub is said to be used first by a thriving, indigenous people in the wild and untamed desert of the Baja California Peninsula. This plant, which produces small, aromatic flowers, was used as an herb in religious ceremonies by boiling the spiced leaf and stem like tea and inhaling its steam for effect.


To give our Craft Liqueur it's decadent, crisp flavor, we turned to two of Nature’s most flavorful and succulent fruits, the Peach and the Pomegranate. PinkKitty Liqueur® not only boast its sensual herbs, but our flavor of is sure to satisfy even the sassiest of palettes Ladies!


Easy Rhino
Easy Rhino
Easy Rhino

Please Indulge Responsibly!
PinkKitty Liqueur®, 35% Alc./Vol (70 Proof) This Drink is an alcoholic beverage and not a health product. PinkKitty Liqueur is a product of 2XL SWAGGER BRANDS, LLC Austin, TX.